ECP Testimonials

Testimonials from ECP clients

Below you will find testimonials from patients we have treated – all grouped into categories for easier reading.

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Working with children testimonial


“Neil Liffen treated my 8 year old son for knee pain. He was professional, thorough with examination, provided excellent physio over several sessions and recommended suitable exercises. My son made a great recovery.” Carla, Felixstowe

Back, shoulder, neck and head testimonials


“I have been visiting Neil Liffen for regular treatment on my neck, back and shoulders, as a sufferer of Fibromyalgia my muscles are often in pain and with regular treatment from Neil it certainly does help. Every visit helps with the pain and Neil is excellent at what he does. I would strongly recommend him if you require any physio and also Neil will use acupuncture on me which again releases a lot of pain from my tissue/muscles. Thank you for helping me :)” Debbie, Felixstowe


“Great guy. I have had a very active sporting past and now as a coach, old injuries unfortunately come back to haunt me! I trust Neil’s advice and expertise to keep me going.” Paul Felixstowe


“Neil Liffen was able to work with an injury that left me unable to walk distances without pain and loss of feeling. They were able to free up the damaged tissue and through good advice and physio I was able to walk fully again, Neil gives good advice and I always felt in safe hands with his treatment, and at reasonable cost too. I would highly recommend ECP to anyone I know.” Ian, Felixstowe


“Exceptional service from Neil Liffen. I have had an array of old sporting injuries which have started to flare up due to a multitude of reasons. Neil gave me a easy to follow action plan between sessions and I’m now as good as new. Ultrasound and acupuncture also available as part of the package.” James, Felixstowe


“I visited Neil twice and received a totally professional and knowledgeable service and due to the treatment given my issue has been resolved. Things that were discussed have helped with my posture and training. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone needing treatment.” Paul, Felixstowe


“My 13 year old daughter is a National level swimmer and member of the ‘England Talent Programme’. She sustained a back injury which she was finding difficult to train through and from which she was getting only short term relief before another flare up. We approached Neil Liffen due to his proven musculoskeletal expertise shown by his work at Ipswich Town Football Academy where my son had received his attention for a football injury. I was impressed with Neil thoroughness and attention to detail in addressing my daughter’s injury. By spending the time on examination he was able to detect other weaknesses which may well have contributed to her continued pain. ECP manner in dealing with her and his desire to understand her sport and background engendered a trusting therapeutic relationship, which has led to a complete resolution of her symptoms. The exercises and stretches Neil has given her are adhered to on a daily basis and has kept her trouble-free from her back injury. Neil has proven to be approachable, contactable when necessary and responsive to need. Neil advice was supported by the England Team physiotherapists’ and my daughter is now back training at her near best preparing for the National Championships. If she does have any recurrences or further injuries I will not hesitate to seek Neil Liffen valued advice.”
“My daughter has just returned from British Swimming Championships with a Silver Medal in 100m Back Stroke and a new Regional Record (just outside British Record). Thanks for all your help in the last year – hopefully she will stay injury free for the next year ahead.” Dr Karen Blades MRCGP, GP Principal, Leiston Surgery


“The treatment I received was very thorough, effective and relieved the pain from a trapped nerve. The practice is run in a very friendly and efficient way. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone who needs physio treatment” Richard, Felixstowe


“I’ve been seeing Neil for over a year now, for lower back injury resulting in sciatica and drop foot ! His knowledge and physio skills are absolutely excellent. With occasional acupuncture, massage, loads of exercises, and huge amounts of advice and positivity my symptoms have improved enormously! I’m able to play sport again and work with very little pain! Recovery isn’t just about treatment, it’s about the positivity Neil gives you with his care!!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement Neil. I’d recommend you to anyone!” John, Kirton


“I have received 4 treatments so far with Neil Liffen for chronic back, leg and groin pain. His knowledge and professionalism have made me totally confident in his care. I appreciate the way Neil always explains what he is going to do and why.” Pat, Kesgrave


“Neil has done a great job helping me with my neck problem. I can thoroughly recommend him for all your physio needs.” Tracey, Felixstowe


“I’ve struggled for 5 to 10 years on and off with aches and pains which seem to pop up out of nowhere and then stay and harass me for months after. I came to Neil Liffen with a painful shoulder and saw neck a few months ago now. After the first session ECP had identified the weak areas that were causing my pain and massaged some of it away. After two sessions Neil had explained the cause of my pain, taught me how to stretch and exercise the affected areas and enabled me to start correcting my shoulder with exercises at the gym. Two months on and my shoulder now feels stronger from the exercise I have been doing at the gym. I need to keep the exercise up and increase my workout intensity so I’ll be popping in to see Neil for some advice on how to do this without aggravating my shoulder. I’m also going to hit him with an achy knee I get after running!” Alan, Felixstowe


“Having suffered from a constant and debilitating pain in my head and eye for four months, which did not respond to any pain killers prescribed by the GP and with no diagnosis, despite many hospital appointments and scans, I went to Neil to see if acupuncture might help. After three sessions of physio and acupuncture my symptoms began to lessen and after further sessions I have now been pain free for two months. Neil is very helpful, explains everything well and is very professional. I cannot thank him enough for the treatment he provided and the excellent results.” Corrine, Felixstowe

Leg, hip and knee testimonials


“When I ruptured my calf muscle, Neil Liffen was my first point of call. Careful examination, massage and strategic taping up led me to recovery. His follow up advice and exercises were first class. After a few weeks I was back running and completed the 2012 London Marathon” Carla, Felixstowe


“I have used Neil Liffen on two occasions once for a calf injury sustained whilst running and then subsequently for knee pain triggered whilst training. I have found Neil thorough and knowledgeable. On both occasions I felt that I was given realistic advice and appropriate exercises to carry out which have helped me to recover. I particularly appreciated the range of treatments on offer including ultrasound, massage, acupuncture and taping. Neil is approachable and friendly and has been able to advise me on the best way to adapt my exercise routine in order to get back to the level and range of physical activities that I enjoy.” Isobel, Felixstowe


“Neil Liffen treated my 8 year old son for knee pain. He was professional, thorough with examination, provided excellent physio over several sessions and recommended suitable exercises. My son made a great recovery.” Carla, Felixstowe


“After breaking my ankle on my motorcycle in November 2011 I knew I needed a physio with a good knowledge/history of sports injuries, and Neil Liffen was just the clinic. I needed someone who could get me back on my bike, playing football and snowboarding asap without doing any harm. I did not want to be happy with 80% fitness I needed 100% and I got it. Two weeks after the cast came off I was walking without my crutches and was able to drive again. I could feel the improvements day by day by doing the exercises Neil had given me, as well as physio twice a week. Nine weeks after the cast came off I was back on my bike and a week after that on my snowboard again. In March 2012, I was back playing football. I couldn’t recommend Neil highly enough; they gave me full mobility back in my ankle as well as building up my confidence to get back doing the sports I enjoy.” James, Felixstowe


“I had a niggling knee joint problem for a considerable time, however a few visits to Neil Liffen for some manipulation and massage, followed by acupuncture has resolved the problem. Walking and golf is much more pleasurable now.” David, Felixstowe


“I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to Neil Liffen for the treatment that released the stress my knees were having after over exercising my leg with golf and general sport walking. As a Sports Therapist myself I was starting to recognize that my hamstrings and calf’s were tightening to a degree that my knees were feeling sore practically all of the time, obviously unable to treat this problem myself I was happy to have Neil recommended to me. Since the treatment I there has been no soreness allowing me to continue to exercise regularly therefore keeping myself in good fettle.” Pat, Ipswich (International Sports Therapist for the Botswana Senior National Team)


“I just wanted to say thank you for the treatment I received by Neil Liffen. Not only was the treatments highly effective, and attentive I would be delighted to highly recommend your services to anyone” Ben, Felixstowe


“After the initial assessment on my knee Neil was very thorough in his explanation of what he believed was the issue and assisted in having me shortlisted to see a consultant for the MRI, as well as giving me complete advice about what to expect from the recovery process if his suspicions were correct (they were) for both recovery options with or without surgery. After decision for surgery was made there was no need to come back to see Neil as physiotherapy was in surgery package (private) but he was very supportive over email on hearing the news and offered advice on prehab right up until the surgery. All in all friendly, supportive and professional, wouldn’t hesitate to go to him in future.” Chris, Felixstowe


“Exceptional service from Neil Liffen. I have had an array of old sporting injuries which have started to flare up due to a multitude of reasons. Neil gave me a easy to follow action plan between sessions and I’m now as good as new. Ultrasound and acupuncture also available as part of the package.” James, Felixstowe


“Neil Liffen was very understanding and knowledgeable of my sports injury which previously no one had diagnosed. The treatment worked and I am now able to participate in sport again. I will definitely be going back to see Neil if I get any further injuries. Would definitely recommend the service.” Tracey, Chelmsford


“When I began running I encountered a problem with my knee and hip. Neil knew I didn’t want to stop running and told I wouldn’t have to. He soon had me back on track with a series of strengthening exercises and with his adept use of Acupuncture needles! Top class service! Sarah, Felixstowe


“After suffering with hip and leg pain for some time I visited Neil Liffen. Having had some massage and acupuncture sessions and being shown the exercises I need to do at home I am very pleased with the result. The pain has subsided considerably.” Janet, Felixstowe


“Very knowledgeable and professional physio. Neil has great knowledge about muscle structure and has tailored exercises to alleviate my muscle pains as well as looking at behavioural factors in my life that may contribute to the cause of the muscle pains. He is also very competent at manipulating and massaging the sore muscle for fast relief of my aches.” Ross, Felixstowe

Elbow, arm and shoulder testimonials


“Extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have had tennis elbow for many years on and off which has hindered me exercising as I would like. Following my sessions with East Coast Physio and the exercises given I am almost back to normal which is amazing as I have had this injury for 20 years. Cannot recommend their services enough.” Andrew, Felixstowe

Fibromyalgia testimonials


“Some months ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which explained many symptoms I had had for some years – severe pain in many muscles and joints, restless legs and tiredness to name but a few. I was reluctant to use the suggested medication and looked for alternatives. I had found that walking and exercising had provided some relief and wondered if physiotherapy could help me further, presenting my problems to Neil Liffen. Right from the start he was totally realistic telling me he would not be able to cure me but could possibly be of some help. From the first session my symptoms have lessened. Neil has constantly worked with me, trying out new ideas, finding out what works, and generally motivating me, and we are still experimenting! Myofascial release is proving particularly helpful, and today my pain is much lower and the restless legs have disappeared. On holiday earlier this year I reached the top of Lochnagar, a 3800ft Scottish mountain, in deep snow, something I thought I would never be able to do again. I will always be deeply grateful that Neil’s skill and enthusiasm is making it possible for me to do so much more.” Doreen, Falkenham


“My wife has been seeing Neil for the last 6 years. She has fibromyalgia and recognises that there is no cure and no acceptable medication. However Neil’s treatment has made the symptoms much easier to cope with and has enabled her to have a more active lifestyle. We have been impressed with the way Neil has researched the problem and has jointly explored different approaches. Many thanks Neil!” Trevor, Falkenham

Working with sports clubs


“Neil Liffen is moving into his third season as Ridgeons Premier League side Felixstowe and Walton Utd physiotherapy services. Neil is very reliable and punctual and keeps you informed at all times of any issues that may impact on their attendance or time keeping. Neil is very professional and especially their sporting experiences help them understand footballer injuries. Neil treatment is thorough and his guidance of the extent of the injury and its recovery time is very accurate. Neil where necessary uses acupuncture with good effect to aid his treatment and are happy to accommodate extra sessions should urgent situations arise. Neil is valuable member of the overall team at the club.” Kevin, First Team General Manager