One stop clinic – Point of care service

What is Point of Care Ultrasound?

One stop clinic – point of care (POC) service refers to the use of portable ultrasound machine for diagnostic purposes, alongside full orthopedic examination (including past medical history) i.e. the client gets examined by both physical examination, and diagnostic ultrasound at the same time, same clinician at the right time, hence improving the clients management. Chartered physiotherapists are extensively trained in physical examination, which includes neurological tests and history taking to identify the causes and risk factors of injury and potential serious pathology (red flags). Point-of-care ultrasound improves healthcare and client management by complementing the full orthopedic examination and ruling in/out suspected pathology and/or improving the client management pathway for potential onward referral or investigation. While traditional methods of performing a physical examination are of critical importance, healthcare practitioners that become skilled in the use of POC ultrasound become uniquely empowered to improve the management of the client.

Historically, a client may have numerous treatment sessions, and not improve, and then is referred for further investigation. At ECP, we focus on achieving POC ultrasound alongside full orthopedic consultation, thus allowing treatment to be focused and ensuring the very best level of service for their clients’ and ensuring efficiency in client management. POC ultrasound saves client time, money and resources and allows for improved client satisfaction and healthcare.