Private Health Insurance

Your private health insurance may provide cover for your treatments, ECP provides Physiotherapy, Shock Wave Therapy and Acupuncture for all major health insurance groups, please contact us for further information.

Is my health insurance covered by ECP?
ECP are recognised by the major private health insurance companies. You will need to check with your private health insurance provider prior to ECP consultation. In most instances you need to obtain your ‘Membership number’ and ‘Authorisation number’ from your provider and the number of sessions your provider has initially provided. Some providers require an initial ECP assessment and then award so many sessions.

If I have private health insurance, do I need to pay for treatment?
In most instances private health insurance providers will be invoiced by ECP at the end of treatment. However, each insurer is different in the way that they operate as far as payment is concerned and some providers require the client to pay for your own treatment and then the client claim the costs back. Therefore, client must check their level of cover and ensure the policy has not expired. Any excess or shortfall in cover is the responsibility of the client to reimburse ECP.

If you have any questions, or require further information regarding private health insurance, please contact us.